Happy New Year!!


Giving a gigantic “Thank you!” to everyone who helped to keep me busy during 2016. I am excited about viewing 2017 through the lens. Happy New Year!!!


Congratulations to all Newlyweds.



‘Tis the season for saying “Yes” to your proposal. Remember Jimmy McDonald Photography when you are preparing for your wedding day.


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2016 Rockingham Parks and Rec Volleyball schedule


Parks & Rec 2016 Team Photos – Updated 11/27/2016 11:15pm

 2016 Rockingham Parks and Rec Volleyball schedule

Please arrive one hour prior to game time.  Purchasing photos is optional.   Out of courtesy to people wanting to purchase team photos, we ask you have your child present to photograph a complete team photo.

12/03/2016 Sat 8:00 A.M. 11U Twisted Treats

12/03/2016 Sat 8:00 A.M. 11U Jmac PHoto

12/03/2016 Sat 8:45 A.M. 11U Welcome Finance

12/03/2016 Sat 8:45 A.M. 11U The Embroidery Center

12/03/2016 Sat 9:30 A.M. 11U Sims Tree Service

12/03/2016 Sat 11:00 P.M. 15U Rockingham Fire Dept.

12/03/2016 Sat 11:00 P.M. 15U Jeff’s Trophies

12/03/2016 Sat 11:45 P.M. 15U Rockingham Police Dept.

12/03/2016 Sat 11:45 P.M. 15U. Family Pharmacy

12/03/2016 Sat 12:30 P.M. 15U Jelgo

View additional information at http://www.jmacphoto.com/photographer/?page_id=97

Signup For Mini Christmas Sessions



10/12/2016 – Signup For Mini Christmas Sessions HERE.  I have put together some Christmas settings in the studio.  I have various arrangements and welcome clients to bring personal items to assist in making their sessions more unique.

30 Minutes Mini Sessions – $65.00 including digital file download.   High resolution photo file CD’s with print release can be purchased for an additional $10.00 each

Four backdrops will be available and clients can use 1 or more during the session as time permits.


Photography Classes – Next Class 03/17/2016


Photography Classes

I receive many photography questions via email and when out and about.  I enjoy meeting other camera enthusiasts and sharing what I have learned as a professional photographer.  During the classes, I will explain in detail various settings, techniques and tricks that I use during photo sessions and assignments.  The classes are informal and questions are encouraged.

COST- $20.00 per person per class.  Anyone 9 yrs or older is invited to attend the class.   Fees will be due upon arrival for class.

  • February 18th @ 6:00pm – Class One – Getting to know your camera and learning how to find the correct functions for your photography needs.
  • February 25th @ 6:00pm – Class Two – Three main camera settings that you need to be aware of and understand.  Review for this class will continue during the following two classes.
  • March 17th @ 6:00pm – Class Three – Composition (8 techniques will be discussed)  Photography Class registration is open!!!! http://www.jmacphoto.com/photographer/?page_id=647
  • March 24th @ 6:00pm – Class Four – Understanding Lighting Techniques

 Be prepared for your class with the following:

          • Your camera.
          • The camera battery charged, and the camera instruction manual.
          • Pen and paper handy.
          • Questions ready.
          • Select photographs that you have questions about, and some of your “greatest hits.”


Classes are held at:

Arts Richmond Center

123 East Washington Street

Rockingham, NC  28379



2015 Christmas Mini Sessions


Upon request, I have put together a Christmas settings in the studio.  I have various arrangements and welcome clients to bring personal items to assist in making their sessions more unique.

30 Minutes Mini Sessions – $50.00    High resolution photo file CD with copyright release is included with each session. 

Click HERE for available dates and registration.

New scenes for 2015!


Group Fireplace Scene

Group Fireplace Scene


Individual Winter Scene


Individual Banner Scene




HEY CLASS OF 2016!!!


Your senior year in high school is a very exciting time in your life.  This is the perfect time to document the young adult you have become over the years through a professional senior portrait.


Sessions can be schedule at several locations with wardrobe changes as requested.

Do you need amazing senior pictures in the Richmond County and surrounding areas?

My senior pictures session generally takes about an hour.  I photograph most of the sessions outdoors but often use my studio in downtown Rockingham. N. C.   I can recommend several locations that add uniqueness and originality to your photographs.   I offer up to three wardrobe changes, 50 to 75  incredible images to select from, online viewing with shopping cart ordering and the freedom to design your own package.

Mini Session – This option is $25.00 for a 30 min session at any predetermined location in Richmond County.  The photo file CD for mini sessions is available for $50.00.

Hour Sessions – $40.00 sitting fee up to one hour. This option does not include prints. An online gallery will be setup for unlimited print ordering.  *(travel fee may apply to surrounding counties)  A Photo file CD consist of all edited  files cropped and prepared for unlimited printing up to 11×14 in size is available for $100.00.

Call 910-995-3569 or email jimmy@jmacphoto.com for more information or to schedule a session.

Myrtle Beach Portrait Sessions July 11th & 12th, 2015




I will be traveling with Cameras during the weekend of July 11th and have decided to offer a few mini beach photo sessions.  These sessions are for family, children, senior, and pets.

In order to avoid the crowds, find parking and pickup the best lighting these sessions will begin at early am hours.

Saturday July 11th Sunday July 12th
8:00 8:00
8:30 8:30
9:00 9:00
9:30 9:30


***  One Sunrise session for Sunday morning will be available at 6:30.


These 20-25minute sessions cost $50.00.    This includes sitting fee and hi-resolution file download for all edited images.  Call (910) 995-3569 or email jimmy@jmacphoto.com to reserve your session.  The digital download files are edited and prepared for printing up to 11×14  – www.mpix.com is a great online printing service.

Location:   Public Access located at 66th Ave North beside 6506 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572.




beach1 sunrise1 bach2

Cap and Gown sessions continue



The cap and gown session fee is $15.00. I’ll photograph up to 5 different cap & gown poses. The proofs will be posted online for print and CD photo file purchasing. The CD ($35.00) will contain a high resolution file of all of the poses with copyright release for printing. You will need your own cap & gown set with applicable club sashes and stoles. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

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Custom digital photo file CD cases.

A custom CD case is prepared with every wedding digital photo file CD.



High Resolution digital photo file CD with print release form.
– Photo File CD will contain all edited photos captured on the wedding day.
– All photo files will be touched up, cropped and re-sized for unlimited printing and sharing.
– Max print size is approx 11×14


Visit the Wedding Photographer Services page for additional information.

Tiffany + Chris


Tiffany and Chris planned their New Years Eve wedding at beautiful Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.  When I asked Tiffany about the chosen date, she told me that they wanted to throw a huge New Years Eve party for family and friends.  A party certainly happened with family and friends laughing and dancing for hours waiting for the new year to roll in.    There were practically unlimited areas for photography, the staff was excellent to work with and the food was amazing!  It was a wonderful way to spend New Years Eve.    Happy New Year to the happy couple!


fearringtonwedding1 fearringtonwedding2 fearringtonwedding3 fearringtonwedding4 fearringtonwedding5 fearringtonwedding6 fearringtonwedding7 fearringtonwedding8 fearringtonwedding9 fearringtonwedding10 fearringtonwedding11 fearringtonwedding12 fearringtonwedding13 fearringtonwedding14 fearringtonwedding15 fearringtonwedding16 fearringtonwedding17 fearringtonwedding18


Fearrington Village

Mailing Address
Fitch Creations, Inc.
2000 Fearrington Village Center
Pittsboro, NC 27312
Weddings and Special Events (919) 542-2121
Call or submit an inquiry via our weddings webform or email us

Mandy + Josh


Lots of planning and effort made this Christmas themed wedding and reception one of the most wonderful events I have photographed.


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Amandas Bridal Session

Amandas Bridal session was arranged at Leak Wall House in Rockingham, NC.  Planning began early for Amanda and things fell into place as was meant to be.    One interesting comment to me was that she knew what type of dress she wanted and located it at first attempt.  I was also impressed that Amanda did her own makeup.  It was perfect and I enjoyed shooting tons of bridal photos for her.   Below are just a few.

bridal01 bridal02 bridal03 bridal04 bridalportrait01 bridalportrait02 bridalportrait03 bridalportrait04 bridalportrait05 bridalportrait06 bridalportrait07 bridalportrait08

Martha + Jay

I was excited to learn that Martha and Jay were planning a masquerade reception.  I was also excited that the party was going to be in one of the historical homes in Rockingham.  Tons of preparation took place in order for this to happen and the entire evening seemed to come together as planned.   The ceremony was beautiful and the guests participated in the masquerade reception as requested.   It was fun to watch through the cameras.


masquerade01 masquerade02 masquerade03 masquerade04 masquerade05 masquerade06 masquerade07 masquerade08 masquerade09 masquerade10 masquerade11 masquerade12 masquerade13 masquerade14 masquerade15 masquerade16 masquerade17 masquerade18 masquerade19 masquerade20 masquerade21 masquerade22 masquerade23 masquerade24 masquerade25 masquerade26 masquerade27 masquerade28 masquerade29 masquerade30 masquerade31 masquerade32 masquerade33 masquerade34 masquerade35 masquerade36 masquerade37 masquerade38 masquerade39 masquerade40 masquerade41 masquerade42 masquerade43 masquerade44 masquerade45

A great engagement party!


Congrats to the happy couple!


engagementparty01 engagementparty02 engagementparty03 engagementparty04 engagementparty05 engagementparty06 engagementparty07 engagementparty08 engagementparty09 engagementparty10 engagementparty11 engagementparty12 engagementparty13 engagementparty15 engagementparty16 engagementparty17 engagementparty18 engagementparty19 engagementparty21 engagementparty22 engagementparty23 engagementparty24 engagementparty25 engagementparty26 engagementparty28 engagementparty30 engagementparty32 engagementparty33 engagementparty34 engagementparty35 engagementparty36 engagementparty37 engagementparty39 engagementparty40 engagementparty41 engagementparty42 engagementparty45

Mandi + Chris


Since Mandi and Chris live in Florida, planning for Mandi and Chris wedding was assisted by Chris’s mom and email.  Technology is nice to have under these circumstances.   A quick Sunday drive to Raleigh to Caffe Luna on a warm October evening was a good start for us.   Upon arrival to Caffe Luna, we scoped out the area for a quick Bridal session prior to the grooms arrival.  The time frame was just a few hours to setup, have the ceremony and enjoy the reception.   The quick pace of setting up inside the building was interesting to watch.  As usual, things came together as planned to allow for a beautiful ceremony.  “Their Story” was interesting as the officiator shared the details of how the couple met.  The reception offered good music and wonderful food for all (Thank you!). Best wishes to the happy couple.


2Z1A1361swedding 2Z1A1341swedding 2Z1A1337swedding 2Z1A1319swedding 2Z1A1278swedding 2Z1A1276swedding 2Z1A1259swedding 2Z1A1250swedding 2Z1A1238swedding 2Z1A1225swedding 2Z1A1178swedding 2Z1A1117swedding 2Z1A1116swedding  2Z1A1090swedding 2Z1A1081swedding 2Z1A1077swedding 2Z1A1067swedding 2Z1A1034swedding 2Z1A1030swedding 2Z1A1013swedding 2Z1A1006swedding 2Z1A1001swedding 2Z1A0994swedding 2Z1A0984swedding 2Z1A0952swedding 2Z1A0938swedding 2Z1A0935swedding 2Z1A0913swedding 1O8A1964swedding 1O8A1984swedding 1O8A2041swedding 1O8A2036swedding 1O8A2093swedding

Rebekah & Jordan Engagement Session

You probably cannot tell from the photos, but it was very cool on the morning of Rebekah & Jordan’s Engagement Session. They did a wonderful job in front of the camera and I look forward to photographing their 2014 wedding.


engagement01 engagement02 engagement03 engagement04 engagement05 engagement06 engagement07 engagement08 engagement09 engagement10 engagement11 engagement12 engagementsession01 engagementsession02

Amy + Tommy


Amy and Tommy had a beautiful wedding on a very nice October evening at the Thomas Walton Manor in Laurinburg NC.  The decorations and ceremony were very memorable.   One of my favorite moments was Amy’s personal and sometimes humorous vows.  The families had a great reception catered by Rick’s Catering of Laurinburg.    I was ahppy to be there to capture special moments for the newlyweds.  Congratulations!

                    tommyamy5wedding tommyamy4wedding tommyamy3wedding  amytommy8wedding amytommy7wedding amytommy2wedding amytommy1wedding amytomm6wedding

2Z1A9309swedding 2Z1A9307swedding 2Z1A9309swedding 2Z1A9257swedding 2Z1A9234swedding  2Z1A9150swedding 2Z1A9138swedding 2Z1A9124swedding 2Z1A9098swedding  2Z1A9074swedding 2Z1A9058swedding  2Z1A9044swedding  2Z1A9029swedding 2Z1A9007swedding 2Z1A8995swedding 2Z1A8932swedding 2Z1A8928swedding 2Z1A8916swedding 2Z1A8912swedding

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