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Bkack and white.



cheezeblogkeysblogkapowblogfreshblogI git the urge tonight to shoot some random black and white shots.  The Nike tennis shoes on the floor was started it all.  After I shot the shoes I had to continue with a few more shots in the same room.  I got it out of my system and feel better now. :)

Not enough money


cleantower3cleantower2cleantower1I am glad that someone is willing to do this job and I hope they were paid well for it.  There is not enough money in the world to pursuade me to hang from a rope and powerwash a water tower miles up in the air.  I got dizzy looking at them working up there.

2009 Youth Group Ski Trip







I had the privilege of chaperoning our church youth group ski trip this year and had a great time.  We had a total of 47 people traveling during a long weekend with perfect travel and ski weather.  Since we were skiing on Friday we did not have to deal with long longs at the chairlift or crowded ski trails.  The clear day made for a perfect shooting session for me.  I even ventured down a slope with an older camera for various shots that I could not capture from the bottom of the mountain.

The planning also allowed us to stop and ice-skate for a couple of hours before completing our trip back home.

I look forward to going back next year.

I have more photos of the trip posted at

Hinson Lake – First Snow 2009



This photo is of the canoe shed at Hinson Lake in Rockingham North Carolina. Of all of the times I have been to the Lake, today was different because of the rare snow fall. The snow clinging to the trees made them look fragile. The camera cannot capture the true beauty of the area. I am glad that I took a moment to stroll around the lake to see this in person. The sun came out just as I was finishing my lap around the lake I had to run to my car to get another memory card. I filled the previous card trying to chase down some Cardinals. I have more photos of my trip around the lake posted at



First Snow of 2009





This morning I took the 2 hour scenic tour around Rockingham and Hamlet to shoot some snow photos.





Russell met me on a dreary Sunday evening to shoot some Senior portraits.  Fortunately the rain stopped long enough for me to shoot several poses.

Little White Church



I have driven past this church many times and thought to myself that I would love to shoot a photo of it.  Well, I finally stopped and snapped a few photos.  I liked the lighting and the clear blue sky and could not resist this time.



This is the result of temperatures in the single digits.  Too cold for me to stand outside and shoot this photo.



I love sweets!


I enjoy shooting food.  not sure why. I suppose it’s because I love to eat.   This delicious cupcake was purchased at a local market that I enjoy visiting when I get a chance. 


…so I drew a new face…


This photo was somewhat inspired by Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”  It is a fun song that I like to perform and the fogged up mirror reminded me that I had not done this shot yet.


Cleaning up…maybe.


Cameron was supposed to be cleaning his room. He is easily distracted by rediscovered toys. I am not sure that he noticed that I was there.cleaningroomblog

Cameron will do just about anything to keep from having to clean up.  It appeared to me that he was hiding so I wold not be able to find him.  He saw the camera in my hand and posed for a quick shot before being reminding of  what he was supposed to be doing.


This is what I wanted to see inside the storage container.


Macro shots

I have not taken the time to shoot any macro shots in weeks.  I snapped off some quickies tonight for the fun of it.


Richmond Raider Basketball


I had the opportunity to shoot a high school basketball game Friday night.  Richmond Senior high School hosted rivals from Scotland County in a game that was neck and neck for the entire game. In the end the home team won by 2 points.

Richmond vs ScotlandRichmond vs Scotland

The lighting in the gynasium is perfect for action shooting.  There is also plenty of room to roam around the court for multiple angles.

Lucky shots.

Shadow Posing

Shadow Posing

This afternoon when I arrived home from a shoot, Shadow jumped into a rocking chair to give me a quick pose.

New website

New Photography Website

New Photography Website

After many hours, tons of sample downloads, color selection, photo cropping, html and flash coding, I have finally settled on a photography website.  I also added a blog (duh) and an online photo cart for clients to use to purchase prints.  I still have some minor tweaking, but that is normal for any website.

New web addres –

First blog

New Toy

New Toy

My new Canon 50d.  Loving the camera very much.

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