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Kindermusic – Village class



It was interesting watching the class and being able to see how music is used for various activities with the babies.  I did not realize how much the parents would be involved.  There were times when the activities simulated aerobic exercising for the parents.  The classes appeared to be very well planned and allowed for casual conversation between activities.

This class is a Village class, for babies ages birth to 18 months. They meet once a week for 45 minutes during a 15-week semester. There are two 15-week semesters and one 5-week summer session.

For more information contact :

Kacey Matheson
Classes by Kacey are offered in Troy and Rockingham.

A class schedule found on, click on “find a class.”

Waiting on Spring


wakingupblogI enjoy working in the yard and look forward to the Spring season so I can begin cleaning, planting and maintaining. Watching these tulips have given me Spring fever early this year.

Dizzy Gillespie in Cheraw



“I’m Dizzy Gillespie from Chee-raw, South Carolina.”
It’s all captured in bronze on Cheraw’s Town Green, the trademark bulging cheeks, closed eyes and bent trumpet.

Jazz King Dizzy Gillespie is Cheraw’s most famous son. This founder of modern jazz was an innovative trumpeter known for his bent horn, bulging cheeks and sense of humor. Born in Cheraw, South Carolina on Oct. 21, 1917, he was the ninth and last child of James and Lottie Gillespie. His given name was John Birks Gillespie, and many of his old friends still refer to him as John Birks. In his autobiography Dizzy says, “In Cheraw mischief, money making and music captured all my attention.”

The town first honored Gillespie with a big parade in 1959. His performance afterward drew more than half of the entire population. He was honored once more in 1983 with a celebration and the keys to the city. He last performed here in 1985. John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie died on January 6th, 1993 in New Jersey where he had lived for many years with his beloved wife Lorraine. He is buried in Flushing Cemetery in New York near Louis Armstrong.

On the 85th anniversary of Gillespie’s birth, the town of Cheraw dedicated a seven foot bronze statue of Gillespie playing his trademark bent horn on the Town Green. The statue was designed by nationally acclaimed artist Ed Dwight of Denver. Relief inscriptions at the base chronicle highlights of Gillespie’s extraordinary musical career.

At the city limits of Cheraw are signs that say “Home of Dizzy Gillespie”, a street is named for him, and his signature bent horn is the logo of the Cheraw Arts Commission. There is a small Dizzy Gillespie display at the Cheraw Lyceum Museum on the Town Green. Requests for information on Gillespie and his life in Cheraw still come from all over the world.

“Rave On!” (A Tribute to Buddy Holly)




Remember poodle skirts? How about carhops, the twist, hula hoops, and Buddy Holly?

Well, the ‘50s aren’t just a thing of the past. Today “Rave On!” Productions presents an electrifying show paying homage to rock-and-roll’s immortal legend Buddy Holly. This feel-good blast from the past performance showcases some of the greatest hits of Buddy Holly and his band, the Crickets. Audiences will enjoy such classic hits as “That’ll Be The Day,” “Maybe Baby,” “Peggy Sue Got Married,” and “Words of Love.” Rave On! has performed to sell out crowds locally and nationally. The impact of the music will make a lasting impression on audiences of all ages. This show has received attention and critical acclaim from reviewers and audience members all over the United States.

As part of this revue that he created himself, Billy McGuigan has received national acclaim for his portrayals of the legendary rock-and-roll icon Buddy Holly.

Audiences continue to be awed by his realism, sincerity, and talent. His interpretation of Buddy Holly has taken him all over the United States. Close your eyes and it is uncanny how the sounds you hear will make you think that Buddy has returned for one more show–right down to the trademark vocal hiccup and deep growl he used for emphasis. This is a high energy, show stopping, toe tapping program that you don’t believe.

The “rave” reviews are seemingly endless!”

Poodle skirts and carhop were many years before my time, but I sometimes wish I could have experienced that era.  This concert showed the energy and enthusiasm for something new in the entertainment industry.  Artists like Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Elvis Presley propelled Rock and Roll into the mainstream and with their own twist (no pun intended) inspired hundreds of other musicians to look outside of the box.

Billy McGuigan and his band brought back some memories for many people in the audience who grew up in the 50’s.  I had a chance to watch the show from various areas of the auditorium and could feel the energy of the crowd.  I am certain that the performers felt the same thing.  This show ranks very high on the list of shows I have worked with at Cole Auditorium.  The crew and performers were on top of things and had fun doing their jobs.  Touring can be very stressful and sometimes the stress enters the venue with a group of people and the day can be miserable.  The load-in and setup flowed as any show should.  The performance was one of the best I have seen. It was a true tribute to a great musician by great musicians.

If you get an opportunity to catch this show, please do.  You will not be disappointed.

An drive down Hwy 79.




While traveling between meetings this afternoon I decided to take a “back road” to my next destination.  I chose Highway 79 in hopes of finding a few abandoned buildings to shoot.   I was fortunate not to crash my car since I was viewing the surrounding scenes more than the road.  I was looking for an old abandoned building to shoot in the style seen in another photographer’s blog.    I did not locate a building that met the criteria that I was looking for, but I did manage to stop by some interesting structures for a shot or two.   I will continue to search for the perfect abandoned building when I travel.  Click on any photo above to see a larger size.





I had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro yesterday and had a blast shooting with my zoom lens.  There was some significant snowfall earlier in the week and the temperatures remained very cold for several days afterwards.  The timing of the warm weather and nothing planned for Sunday made for a perfect trip.  Most of the animals were visible and active.  The zoo has more than 1,100 animals and 40,000 plants along five miles of shaded pathways.  The five miles of walking was well worth the trip.

Second Snow 2009



We had a second decent snowfall for the year here in Richmond County.  I was very surprised to wake up and see everything outside covered with snow. I  already had some ideas for shots that I wanted to get when we received our next blanket of snow.  I need to come up with a few new ideas just incase we get a third snow day.

Raider Basketball





Richmond Raiders coach David May talks with his players during their game against Douglas Byrd.  

The Raiders won the game in overtime 67-65.

Rohanen Rebel Photo Shoot





I visited Rohanen Middle School this afternoon to begin shooting their basketball team photos.  Those young men were ready to play!  Although they did cooperate very well for me, they had lots of energy and struggled to remain still for the team shot.  I wished them luck and stayed out of the way while they ran to the bus.  During the solo shooting a kid cam up to me with a worried look on his face. “Mister?  Were we supposed to have money today to get our picture taken today?”  “Of course not.” I replied.  He seemed relieved I explained to him that his coach will provide them with the information to give to his parents so they can visit my website to preview and order the photos that they want to purchase. He smiled and posed for his shot.

Sport Photo Packages Available –


Sport Photo Packages are now available.  Team and individual shooting can be scheduled with online proofing and print ordering.  Coaches and parents can contact me to schedule appointments.

Click HERE for more information and pricing.

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