disneyblog8disneyblog1disneyblog2disneyblog3disneyblog4disneyblog5disneyblog6disneyblog7disneyblog9disneyblog10disneyblog11disneyblog12disneyblog13disneyblog14disneyblog15disneyblog16disneyblog17disneyblog18disneyblog19disneyblog20disneyblog21disneyblog22With more than 40,000 cast members working at the resort, I had plenty of opportunities to photograph some of them on the job.  Walt Disney World hires people from all parts of the globe to work at the happiest place on earth.  While most of the employees are college students, I noticed a lot of older people working there.   I learned that while most enroll in various college programs and begin their career elsewhere, many come back and take on management and other leadership roles.   I look forward to one day retiring, moving to Orlando and becoming a cast member myself for the fun of it.