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Hayley Bayley Christmas!


I had the pleasure of arranging a photo shoot with Hayley just before Christmas.   The Arts Richmond Center, downtown Rockingham, provided great locations for these photos.  We spent several hours adjusting lights, positions and moving around the building where were shooting.

Getting technical:    I started with my Canon 50D and a 1000 watt softbox for some addional lighting if needed.  A pair of Canon 580exII flash units on top of FlexTT5’s by Pocket Wizard allowed me to add just enough light to each scene.  The MiniTTI Transmitter on my hot shoe tricks the camera into thinking that the flash attached.  The E-TTL metering though the lens tells the camera how much light is needed and this is relayed via the MiniTTI to the flash units.  The existing light from the room fixtures provided enough light to shoot at shutter speeds between 30and 250.  The remote flashes allowed me to chase away some of the shadows without loosing the colors from the Christmas lights.  Hayleys patience allowed me to move the flashes around until I located the perfect placements for them.  I started with an apeture of 4.0 and then moved it to 5.6 to bring the window frame into the focus better.  Good, geeky camera fun!

Merry Christmas!!!


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