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Congratulations to Laura and Lee!


When I first met Laura and Lee it was obvious to me that their wedding was going to be one to remember.  Everyone was at ease and the plans were in place.  The only thing left for them to do was to wait for the big day. The big day arrives and not only is there sleet in the forecast, the local town Christmas parade will require blocking roads throughout the area.  We managed to beat the parade to the church and the ice was gone before the ceremony started.  Everyone remained calm and everything continued as planned.   I made a few trips between the bride and groom areas prior to the ceremony to get some candid shots and everyone was relaxed and ready for a great evening.  As expected, the ceremony was beautiful.   I have to give special kudos to the soloist for the wonderful a capella songs during the ceremony.  She has a wonderful voice!   During all of the weddings that I have attended during my lifetime, I saw a first during Laura and Lee’s ceremony.  After the ceremony, as usual, the groomsmen lead the parents and grandparents down the aisle, but did not return to usher the remaining guests.  Instead, the newlyweds returned in their place to greet each and everyone who attended.  This allowed the couple to see the guests who were not able to attend the reception and also allowed them to enter the reception hall, say a big “thank you” and eat dinner without interruptions.  Congratulations to a great couple with wonderful families!

Hillary and Monroe


Hillary and Monroe contacted me about shooting photos of them for their parents Christmas present.   We had to keep things on the down low and chose to meet at Weymouth Gardens in Moore County.  The fact that this took place late fall, the gardens are still beautiful and offered a good assortment of areas for us to use.  The lack of blooming plants and warm air didn’t prevent people from visiting the gardens.  Several people were walking pets and two other photo sessions were also taking place.  Hillary and Monroe are a great sister/brother combo and I enjoyed working with them.    Since Christmas, I have had the chance to visit their father’s office and view several photos from this session around his desk.

Canon 50d with 17-40mm. Canon 50d with 70-200mm, Pocket wizard mini TT1 controlling a pair of Canon 580exII flashes on pocket wizard FlexTT5 receivers.

Hannah stay!!


Hannah loves to fetch a tennis ball.  She loves it so much that she would fetch 24/7 if someone was willing to throw the ball all of the time.  She is very patient in waiting for the ball to be thrown.  This allowed me to capture the pics below.

Risking my life for the Thompson family.


When Karen first asked me about arranging a photo session for her family I was glad to have the opportunity.  Having an empty area with the red love seat available was great!  The request for me to be lifted 20 feet into the air wasn’t something that I had in my plans.   When I got my lighting setup and the people in place, it was time to fly.  The trip wasn’t too bad and I didn’t stay up in the air longer than necessary.  I am glad that I overcame my fear and rose to the occasion to get the shots that the family wanted.  The results were well worth the effort.

Columbia South Carolina at night.


During a visit to Columbia SC, I had some extra time to walk the downtown area with my camera and tripod to experiment with some long shutter shooting.    The city is beautiful and very active at night.  The Gervais street area was where I spent most of my time.

The packing house with Hadley and Sophia.


I had to work  fast to capture photos during this photo session.  The wind was blowing cold air and the girls were freezing.  Considering the uncomfortable weather,  the girls cooperated very well.  Little Sophia proved that she was one tough little girl by jumping back into action after doing a face plant into the dirt.  No fear!!!

Thanks to Christopher for assisting me with this photo sesssion.

Exit Realty Team


I had the opportunity to schedule a photo session with the Rockingham Exit Realty team for future promotional materials.  It was immediately obvious to me that this group of men and women were busy and had limited time with me.  Regardless of taking them away from their normal schedules, they had a great time and kept me entertained while I was shooting their photos.

Exit Realty Platinum

1702-B E. Broad Ave. Rockingham, NC 28379
(910) 997-2260 | Fax: (910) 895-2917

Claire and Bailey


This sibling photo session took place during a  beautiful fall evening.  Claire was in pose mode from the beginning and made my job easy.  Bailey was the typical teenage male who seemed a bit hesitant at first, but loosened up for the camera very quickly.   First Methodist Church in Rockingham has a fantastic tree that provides a blanket of gold leaves every fall.  The Leak Wall house nearby also provides a great backdrop for photos.  Claire and Bailey were great to work with.

Around town with Grady.


This senior photo session was arranged to take place in Downtown Rockingham, NC just before the holidays.   Cold temperatures and wind is a factor when shooting during this time of year.  Fortunately the sun kept the air from feeling too cold while we walked around downtown.  I like the colors from various buildings around town and Grady did a good job smiling when requested by mom.

Canon 50d with 17-40mm. Canon 50d with 70-200mm, Pocket wizard mini TT1 controlling a pair of Canon 580exII flashes on pocket wizard FlexTT5 receivers.

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