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Summerlin family fall photo session.


I was happy to receive that call to schedule the Summerlin family for another fall photo session.  Last year’s session took place at a neighbors very detailed storage building and garden area.  The plan this year was to capture some railroad track shots and move to the park at Hinson Lake and take advantage of the fall colors.  Until a few days prior we had some warm fall temps.  However, this day was much cooler with a stronger breeze to add to the chill.   The children handled themselves very well and allowed me to get some requested shots for the parents to share.   I look forward to fall 2012 with the Summerlin family.


Jimmy McDonald Photography Studio is ready for clients!


Although a large percentage of my sessions are planned for outdoor photography with natural backgrounds, there a many instances where the client requests a studio session. Per request, studio sessions are now available in downtown Rockingham!!!

Jimmy McDonald Photography Studios is located on the third floor of the Historic Leak Wall House in downtown Rockingham, N.C.   The studio is setup with various backdrops and lighting and related items to offer clients a quality photograph.   I recommend that clients bring props, baby toys, blankets, team/fan gear, holiday decorations…etc to help make your photos unique.

Various areas of the house as well as the Wall Gardens are also available for photo sessions.   All sessions are scheduled in advance.   See the prices section of the studio website for additional information.

Bridal sessions and weddings are also available at Leak Wall.  Please visit my main website at for additional information in the Wedding Section of the website.

Available backdrops:

The Cooke family returns.


I had met with 4/5 of the Cooke family during a previous session several months ago.  The father was unable to make it during the first session, however, we were able to make new arrangements for the entire family to participate.  We were fortunate to have a nice warm fall evening to walk around the hamlet depot area to capture several photos.

Visiting with the twins.


I met Edwards family two years ago after the birth of their twin girls.  The girls had already developed different personalities and this continued to remain true two years later during the most recent photo session.  Obviously they are not identical twin and both seemed to be very independent. It was challenging and fun attempting to capture both girls as they explored around their home.


Baby Beck.


The phone call to arrange this session was interesting to me because I learned that the father’s mother had kept nearly every item from her sons childhood.  Toys, clothes and even luggage that we were able to use during the photo session.  I thought that this was a great story and loved the idea of incorporating something from Mr. Becks childhood into the photo session.

Harte fall photo session.


It has been nice seeing former high school classmates during photo sessions this year.   It is interesting to have conversations about the good old days and talk about our families.   This is another reason that I enjoy photography so much.  I had a great time talking with Linda and meeting her family.   look forward to working with them in the future.


Mark and Christians Beach Wedding in Ocean Isle


We could not have had a more beautiful day for the ceremony for Mark and Christian.   The wind and temperatures were perfect and the sunset provided some great color for us.   Christian had many suggestions and photo requests during planning.   I was pleased to be able to capture her day as she had requested.

Stewart Family Photos on the beach.



We met the Stewart family one morning at Ocean Isle Beach to shoot a set of pics.   Patty, a former high school classmate, contacted me about shooting their photos and it worked out that I had a beach wedding scheduled the same evening.   The weather was great and we didn’t have to work around other people to get the shots.



Hutchinson Guys


The Hutchinson guys met me one evening at Cole Plaza in Rockingham for a photo session.  The area has plenty of running around room and this was great for the two younger guys.

Jordyn’s Senior Photo Session


Jordyn had been inquiring for several months and we finally made plans to shoot her senior portraits.  She chose the popular Hamlet Depot area and I think that it was a great choice.

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