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Congratulations to Lauren and Adam.


Lauren and Adam were married at Grace Church of Southern Pines, NC. I had been past the church several times, but never visited.  Lauren and Adam told me a bit about the location during their engagement session.  I was impressed with the facilities.  The sanctuary was more similar to an auditorium, but was a great setting for a wedding ceremony.   The lighting and “stage” area helped keep the focus on the couple during the ceremony.   Adam and Lauren wrote and read their own vows. They had very special messages for each other.   The reception took place at the ballroom of the Hampton Inn nearby.  The decorations were very nice.  Lauren told me that her mother found all of the ideas from  The reception was also a nice event and the happy couple, family and friends appeared to have a great time.  Best wishes to Lauren and Adam.



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Congratulations to Kaitlin & Ryan


After photographing Kaitlin and Ryan’s engagement photos I could not wait to until their wedding day.   Fun was going to be had by all.  the first item on my agenda was to meet Ryan and his family for a group session by the lake at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter SC.   Other than a few gusts of wind, the conditions were great for some outdoor photography.   Upon completing Ryan’s family photos, I traveled to Kaitlin’s house to hang out with her family and capture some candid moments of the bride during her preparations.  The whole family, including the cats were entertaining and I had a great time observing the “getting ready” process.  After dressing the bride, attaching flowers to family members, one pricked finger, we were ready to head to the Chapel.  Kaitlin’s family surprised her with a limo to carry her and her bridal party.  I relocated Ryans waiting room and witnessed a relaxed groom just hanging out with his guys.  The service was a nice event with a few spoken words and brief exchange of vows.  As expected, the formals were entertaining, but flowed as planned.   It was obvious that everyone was ready to get to the reception for more fun.

The reception hall was decorated by the bride and her family.   Everything was beautiful and I captured lots of photos while waiting for the newlyweds to arrive.  The food and D.J. were excellent as the dinner transformed into a party.  I do not think that there were many people who didnt dance.   The song selection was well planned.   As expected fun was had by all and as I wrapped up the final photos, the bridal party were planning to continue the night bowling with the bride and groom.  thank you to Kaitlin and Ryan for letting me be a part of your special day.

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Enjoying America’s Game


My schedule has not allowed me to attend many local high school baseball games.   I am glad that I took the time to witness Richmond Senior High host Hoggard High School from Wilmington N.C.  Both teams have had outstanding seasons and this game was predicted to be “The Big One”  Hoggard came in as a very confident team and appeared to have the game under control leading 5-0 in the third.  Richmond, on it’s second pitcher, turned on the heat on the mount as well as at the plate.   Multiple hits, a few errors from Hoggard gave Richmond the victory. Richmond ended the game early with a 16-6 win in the sixth inning to advance in the State playoffs.  I hope to make the next game.

Read full details from Richmond County Daily Journal

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Little Eve


She arrived to this world early.   Now just six weeks old and very active, Eve is doing well.  She was great model for us in the studio.  She struggled a bit through wardrobe changes and repositioning, but this is normal for most babies.   I was happy to meet Eve and capture some moments with her.

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2013 RSHS Prom


For several days the forecast called from thunderstorms during the time I had several prom photo session scheduled.  Even the morning of prom night rain was predicted.   I wasn’t happy about having to go to Plan b and shoot indoors.   Fortunately the skies remained partly sunny and the sessions proceeded as planned.

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Mandi & Josh’s Engagement Session


All smiles!  This couple produced all smiles during their engagement session.  I look forward to working with the couple with wedding planning.


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