Gift Certificates

photo session gift certificate for richmond conty nc

Gift certificates make great presents.   My standard gift certificate  for a 30 minute photo session. Cost is $25.00 and is limited to Richmond county NC locations.

Gift certificates for longer sessions, destinations outside of Richmond County and print credits are also available.

I can also provide a customized certificate for specific sessions and events.

Please call or email to order Gift Certificates.
Jimmy McDonald

Jimmy McDonald Photography
Rockingham, N.C.
(910) 995-3569

One comment

  • Tanya Brewer (6 years)

    I gave Mary $$ yesterday for 2 gift certificates, I’m sure you are aware of that by now. What I want to mention is that one of the families I am giving one of them to lives in Laurinburg. I am not sure where they will want the pics taken, but I just want to mention that if they want it in Laurinburg, if you will please let me know so I can pay the additional fee. I will probably mark that part out on the certificate, so they won’t even know to mention it. Their names are Ed and Carla Herring. Anyway, I don’t know where they might want the pics, I just don’t want them to have to pay extra, so if you will just let me know please. Thanks!!!—–Or, if you already know what the fee will be, let me know and I will go ahead and pay it, that may be easier. Whatever you want to do….Thanks!

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