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Tiffany + Chris


Tiffany and Chris planned their New Years Eve wedding at beautiful Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.  When I asked Tiffany about the chosen date, she told me that they wanted to throw a huge New Years Eve party for family and friends.  A party certainly happened with family and friends laughing and dancing for hours waiting for the new year to roll in.    There were practically unlimited areas for photography, the staff was excellent to work with and the food was amazing!  It was a wonderful way to spend New Years Eve.    Happy New Year to the happy couple!


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Fearrington Village

Mailing Address
Fitch Creations, Inc.
2000 Fearrington Village Center
Pittsboro, NC 27312
Weddings and Special Events (919) 542-2121
Call or submit an inquiry via our weddings webform or email us

Mandy + Josh


Lots of planning and effort made this Christmas themed wedding and reception one of the most wonderful events I have photographed.


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Mandi + Chris


Since Mandi and Chris live in Florida, planning for Mandi and Chris wedding was assisted by Chris’s mom and email.  Technology is nice to have under these circumstances.   A quick Sunday drive to Raleigh to Caffe Luna on a warm October evening was a good start for us.   Upon arrival to Caffe Luna, we scoped out the area for a quick Bridal session prior to the grooms arrival.  The time frame was just a few hours to setup, have the ceremony and enjoy the reception.   The quick pace of setting up inside the building was interesting to watch.  As usual, things came together as planned to allow for a beautiful ceremony.  “Their Story” was interesting as the officiator shared the details of how the couple met.  The reception offered good music and wonderful food for all (Thank you!). Best wishes to the happy couple.


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Amy + Tommy


Amy and Tommy had a beautiful wedding on a very nice October evening at the Thomas Walton Manor in Laurinburg NC.  The decorations and ceremony were very memorable.   One of my favorite moments was Amy’s personal and sometimes humorous vows.  The families had a great reception catered by Rick’s Catering of Laurinburg.    I was ahppy to be there to capture special moments for the newlyweds.  Congratulations!

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Gretchen + Matt

Gretchen and Matt’s wedding was a wonderful celebration of family and friends in Richmond Virginia.  The officiator had a great sense of humor and performed a perfect ceremony for Gretchen and Matt.    The ceremony included receiving Communion by Intinction by dipping bread in wine/grape juice.   Following the ceremony we relocated to The Jefferson Hotel for a fantastic dinner.


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The Jefferson Hotel
101 West Franklin Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220

(804) 649-4750

Bryce + Jesse

I photographed Bryce and Jesse a few months prior to their wedding to capture engagement photos for them.   They looked very happy together and the smiles continued on their wedding day.   Many family members and friends put forth the effort to make this the best day for the newlyweds.

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Halie + Jake

Halie and Jakes wedding took us to Lancaster SC.  It was interesting to me to witness the lacing of Halies wedding dress.   The time spent was worth it and several people pitched in to make this happen.


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Congratulations to Amanda & Garrett


Preston Woodall House in Benson N.C. was the location for this fabulous wedding day.  When we arrived decorations were being placed, the DJ was setting up, groomsmen were coming in and the bride and bridemaids were putting on the final layers of makeup.  The house was buzzing and their were photo opportunities everywhere.   This may have been the hottest day of the year, but it didn’t prevent friends and family from enjoying a nice outdoor ceremony before rushing back inside.  I am thankful that the Ac system was sufficient and the bride and groom chose to remain indoors for the formals.    The bride and groom did request to go outdoors for a few couples shots and I was happy for this decision.  They look very good together and required minimal posing.  I remember from their engagement session that their natural positioning looked great.  Preston Woodall staff were on top of things throughout the day.  I enjoyed working with this group of people.  Prior to cake cutting the bride sang a lovely song to her new husband.  Again, they looked very good together and their love for each other was evident.  Besides the couple cutting their cake together, the groom also had a special cake that he cut and happily shared it to the face of his best man/brother.   More dancing continued prior to the newlyweds saying goodbye making their way upstairs.  Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations to Lauren and Adam.


Lauren and Adam were married at Grace Church of Southern Pines, NC. I had been past the church several times, but never visited.  Lauren and Adam told me a bit about the location during their engagement session.  I was impressed with the facilities.  The sanctuary was more similar to an auditorium, but was a great setting for a wedding ceremony.   The lighting and “stage” area helped keep the focus on the couple during the ceremony.   Adam and Lauren wrote and read their own vows. They had very special messages for each other.   The reception took place at the ballroom of the Hampton Inn nearby.  The decorations were very nice.  Lauren told me that her mother found all of the ideas from  The reception was also a nice event and the happy couple, family and friends appeared to have a great time.  Best wishes to Lauren and Adam.



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Kaitlin and Ryan’s Engagement Session


I’m looking forward to Kaitlin and Ryan’s May 2013 wedding day. If there engagement session is any indication of the fun that they will have on their wedding day, I would hate not to be a witness.  I photographed Kaitlin’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and remember the family very well.  Fun was had by all, including the photographer.  I enjoy seeing people have a good time and I have no doubt that Kaitlin and Ryan’s wedding day will be very similar.

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Great advice from other wedding professionals.

wedding day photographyI do not usually link to other blogs here, but the following links are a must read for engaged couples planning their wedding day.

-The first has been a favorite of mine for years as I have seen “Uncle Joe” in action during several weddings that I have been hired to photograph.

“Why Hiring Uncle Joe to Photograph Your Wedding Isn’t Worth the Savings”

-The next link is very special since it does not come from another photographer.   A wedding venue owner notes her reasons for hiring a professional photographer based on her experience with wedding events.

“Why You Never Skimp On Wedding Photography!”

-This article has some great advice on cost and what to expect regardless of the size of your wedding.

“There Is No Substitute For a Professional Wedding Photographer”

-This next link is a horror story from a couple who thought that they had hired a pro.  This is a great reason why you should ask to see a recent complete wedding collection and printed samples from your photographer.  BTW – I have a collection of my most recent work available for viewing HERE.

“My Wedding Photography Nightmare”

Here are the top 5 reasons for hiring an experienced wedding photographer: (From an article at Today’s Bride)

  • A professional wedding photographer knows how to capture every single moment of your wedding in all its glory. They can give your photographs a polished look.
  • An experience photographer should suggest some unique ways to photograph your wedding. For example they will assess the location and suggest good areas in which to take the photographs so that the scenery will enhance the images.
  • If you are also employing a videographer then the photographer can take photographs that work well with the narrative and editing techniques chosen by the videographer.
  • Your photographer will have different ideas on how your final images can be presented. It is your special day so let everyone know how beautiful you looked and fun the day was.
  • Depending on your requirements then an experienced wedding photographer can usually bring along a second photographer so you can capture multiple angles, or at least recommend a photographer who they can work in tandem with to produce a great result.

Make sure you book your photographer well in advance. Just know that the best wedding photographers are being booked months in advance. Their reputation often precedes them and couples are clamoring to book their services. So get your date in early.

-This final link is my own two-cents about hiring a professional.

“Experience is important when hiring a wedding photographer.”

Congratulations to Boz and Jaime


It had been a few years since I visited Wallace Lodge in Laurinburg, N.C.  I was happy to find out that Jaime and Boz chose Wallace Lodge as their wedding and reception venue.  The website describes the location: “… nestled in the middle of 150+ acres surrounded by wildlife and nature.”  This is very correct.   The drive into the woods to the lodge is scenic and basically untouched.   Jaime and Boz’s decorations at the lodge kept with the outdoors theme and represented nature in many ways. It didn’t take long for the guest to fill the building just before the couple met to read their vows.  Witnessing a couple read their personalized wedding vows is always a touching moment.   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves during dinner and dancing.  Even though that this was a December wedding, the weather was not too cold to prevent us from capturing several photo outdoors.  I wish Jaime and Boz a wonderful future together.

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Congratulations to Cheanna and Brandon


I remember the spring evening when I received the first call from Cheanna concerning her wedding photography needs.  I could tell in her tone that she was excited about getting married in November.   The fact the her wedding venue recommended me, my website appeared first in her online search and I was planning to be visiting near her Wedding location during the wedding date was all of the confirmation that Cheanna needed to select me as her photographer.  I enjoyed the meeting with Cheanna during the following eight months and my excitement grew as the big day grew near.  As expected the wedding ceremony was great.  I have to compliment the musician and vocalist who performed during the ceremony.   They were both very good.  After a great session of formals we traveled to Pinehurst to the Fair Barn to proceed with the reception.  The decorations and food were very good as was expected.  I was impressed with the many toasts and wonderful words that family and friends had to say about the newlyweds.  The planning was very successful and I wish Cheanna and Brandon a very happy future together.

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Yuriana & Angelis Wedding day


I’ve never had a wedding request on thanksgiving day, but could not resist the opportunity to photograph Yuriana & Angelis’ traditional catholic wedding ceremony.


Congratulations to Amanda and Robert


After meeting with Amanda and Robert a few times, exchanging emails and several phone calls, I was looking forward to being part of their big day.  Amanda and Robert chose a wonderful location or their wedding ceremony.   The Hayloft in McLeansville, N.C. is a working farm that also hosts weddings and receptions.  Although Hurricane Sandy had passed by the area a day prior, the conditions were near perfect for photography.  Besides a few gusts of wind and a bit cooler than wanted temps, the day appeared to proceed as planned.  Everyone was on time, the guests were very pleasant and there was a wedding coordinator handling the schedule. I enjoyed watching the family and friends hangout and enjoy the celebration.  My favorite part of the day may have been the toasts.   I enjoy the stories that people tell about the bride and groom during the receptions.  i wish the best for Amanda and Robert.

Congratulations to Keith and Holly


You could not have asked for a better day for a wedding.  The weather was nice, the ceremony was wonderful and the reception was lots of fun.


Congratulations to Mike and Blair


I have enjoyed working with Mike and Blair during the previous few months as they planned their wedding day.   Our first session was at Atalaya Castle new Murrells Inlet, SC for their engagement photos.  Next was Blairs bridal session at Leak Wall home and gardens in Rockingham, N.C.  The big day brought us together again at Wedgefield Plantation in Georgetown, SC.  The ceremony was held outside underneath moss covered trees with the reception taking place inside the plantation home.  best wishes to Mike and Blair.




Congratulations to 2011 newlyweds!


These couples started new lives in 2011 and I wish the best for them in 2012 and for many year to come. Thank you for choosing Jimmy McDonald Photography to collect memories for you on your special day!


2011 Wedding Couples

2011 Wedding Couples

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