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Mandi & Josh’s Engagement Session


All smiles!  This couple produced all smiles during their engagement session.  I look forward to working with the couple with wedding planning.


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Savannah’s Sr Pics


After a few months of communication with Savannahs mother, we finally were able to schedule a session.   During the session I learned that I was photographing the busiest teenage in the world.  I now realize now why it was difficult to schedule her photo session.  We were fortunate to have decent weather during Savannah’s photo session.   Winter weather returned during the few days following.   We agreed to meet at Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC.  Upon arrival I noticed that some tree removal was in process.  With the heavy equipment on the grounds, plenty of photography locations remained for us to use.  Best of luck to Savannah during her college career.

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Kaitlin and Ryan’s Engagement Session


I’m looking forward to Kaitlin and Ryan’s May 2013 wedding day. If there engagement session is any indication of the fun that they will have on their wedding day, I would hate not to be a witness.  I photographed Kaitlin’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and remember the family very well.  Fun was had by all, including the photographer.  I enjoy seeing people have a good time and I have no doubt that Kaitlin and Ryan’s wedding day will be very similar.

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Rock n roll Bride


Brandie and Houston


Brandie and Houston drove from Greensboro one evening for their photos session.  We met in Downtown Hamlet to shoot some couples photos for them.  While we shooting some random shots on a set of railroad tracks a freight train slowly approached us and stopped.  this could not have happened at a better time as if we had ordered it for the photo session.   I enjoyed working with the couple and look forward to working with them in the future.


McElrath in the studio.


Cooler weather is trying to creep in and the McElrath photo session was scheduled in the studio to prevent us from freezing on this cold evening.  I enjoyed working with this family.

Wedding Photography Services.


You can design your own wedding photography package from the six options listed below.  A 25% deposit must be submitted with photography agreement to reserve your date.

A. Engagement photos $150.00 (approx 2 hours) Total number of photos vary.
-Copyright release photo file CD included. Several poses will be recommended.
-Option A is free with the purchase of B, D and E.

B. Bridal portraits $175.00 (approx 2 hours) Total number of photos vary. Several poses will be recommended. One 16×24 print of the file of your choice is included with this package.  Additional time can be scheduled.

C. Rehearsal services and dinner $250.00 (approx 3 hours) Includes 4×6 prints of all photos.

D. Wedding Day includes Bride’s preparation, Wedding Ceremony and Formals $600.00 (up to 4 hours)
-Bride and bridal party preparation
-Groom and groomsmen preparation
-Formal bride and bridesmaid photography prior to the wedding
-Formal separate bride and groom photography prior to the wedding
-Wedding ceremony
-Formal group photography – Bride and Groom, family, groomsmen…etc.
-Print package included – One 11×14, Six 8×10’s, Ten 5×7’s and a set of 4×6’s of all of the edited photos captured during the scheduled sessions above.

E. Reception photography, including speeches, first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting, misc candid shots, and departure of the bride and groom $300.00 (up to 3 hours)
– Print Package included – 4×6 of all edited photos captured during the reception.

F. High Resolution digital photo file CD with copyright release – $250.00
– Photo File CD will contain all edited photos captured on the wedding day
– Each file will be accompanied by a black and white version
– All photo files will be resized for unlimited printing and sharing
– Max print size is approx 8×10

The options listed above have been designed to allow coverage of most styles of weddings.  However, if you have additional or other requests than offered, I will be more than happy to discuss your plans an put together a package to better suit your wedding photography needs.

Mileage/travel may apply.   Additional time will be calculated per hour at a rate of $100 per hour.

A group photography list will be determined during a pre-wedding consultation with photographer.

Click here for Wedding Photography Contract.

Complete wedding galleries:

Click here for Katie and Kyle‘s wedding gallery.

Click here for Cameron and Sandy’s wedding gallery

Click here for Lenea and Wade’s wedding gallery

Click here for Lee and Laura‘s wedding gallery

Click here for Jonathan and Jacque’s wedding gallery.

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Click here for Brian and Elizabeth’s wedding gallery.

Fees include photo sessions and processing. Each photo is retouched and sized during processing. All photos are shot in hi-resolution color large format. Online proofs will be made available for viewing and print ordering.

Proof DVD’s are available for $50.00 each.

Photos are printed in a professional photography lab using Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper. With this paper don’t worry about prints fading. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.

Our photocart also allows you to register your event prior to the date and invite family and friends to send monetary gifts toward the purchase of prints from your event.

Print pricing are as follows:
Printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper
16×20  $29.99
11×14  $19.99
8×10  $9.99
5×7  $6.99
4×6   $3.99
Set of 8 wallets   $8.99

Printed on Standard Kodak Color Paper
Economy 8×10  $6.99
Economy 5×7  $4.99
Economy 4×6  $2.39
Economy set of 8 wallets  $6.99

Wedding Album Details:
Available in 10, 24, or 40 pages
Not limited to one Photo per page/side. Photographer and client will work together to prepare each page to print.
Open Center Hinge
Prints extend to within approximately 1/16″ of the page edge
Black leather cover
Gold or silver foil stamping

Sizes   10 Pages    24 Pages   40 Pages
4×6         $168.00     $229.99     $329.99
5×5         $168.00     $229.99     $329.99
5×7         $189.99     $239.99     $339.99
8×8         $199.99     $299.99     $459.99
8×10       $229.99     $289.99     $459.99
10×10     $255.99     $339.99     $499.99

Jimmy McDonald Photography
2115 Brookbank Road
Ropckingham NC 28379

Elise Senior Photo Session


I had the privilege of meeting Elise and her family in Cheraw South Carolina one evening to shoot Elise’s Senior photos.   Downtown Cheraw has several beautiful areas that we used.   It was interesting to me that Elise was an Audrey Hepburn fan and wanted to use a poster during her photo shoot.

Spring Photos – Emma stole the show.


This was one of the first 2011 spring photo sessions for me.  Once cute, little Emma got warmed up to the camera it was on!  She  provided some great poses as well as candid opportunities for me to photograph.  We had a wonderful day for pics and thanks to Rita for calling me to shoot more photo for her.  I love repeat customers!  I look forward to the BIG family photo shoot.

Congratulations to Sandy and Cameron!


Sandy and Cameron’s wedding was a traditional Irish wedding with bagpipes and just the right amount of green.  The theme continued at the reception hall with beautiful decorations and the first dance music performed on bagpipes.  This was a great way for me to  start the 2011 wedding season! Cameron and Sandy had a wonderful ceremony and reception. Best wishes to you both!!

Camryn’s photo shoot.


A few weeks prior to this photo shoot, I had a session with Camyn’s aunt Jami.  When Camryn saw Jami’s photos, she insisted on having a photo session of her own.    Camryn appeared to be very excited this morning of our photo session, but I later found out that she had a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s on her schedule for the same day. Regardless she was great to work with and allowed me to get some great shots of her.

Shelby Grace. Baby Supermodel.


This session was the third with Little Shelby and she is, quickly, learning how to pose for photos. I look forward to working with her after she learns how to say some words. I’d love to know what she is thinking.

The Goodmans


I enjoy the glowing happiness and anticipation from parents-to-be.  Not only did I have a good time snapping photos of the growing family, but I loved shooting in one of my favorite homes in the area.   The Goodmans were great to work with and I wish them much luck with their new addition.

maternity photo shootmaternity photo session

Senorita Jami


This photo shoot is one of my favorite type to schedule.  We started just as the sun was beginning to set and move fast to get as many shots and poses as possible.  I enjoy the golden light that is provided from the setting sun.  I also like shooting against the sunset and capturing some natural backlighting.    I usually have a list of poses at various areas within walking distance in my head as we begin the photo shoot.  Jami gave some great moves and kept up with me like she knew what I was going to direct next.

Canon 50d with 17-40mm. Canon 50d with 70-200mm, Pocket wizard mini TT1 controlling a pair of Canon 580exII flashes on pocket wizard FlexTT5 receivers.

Congratulations to Laura and Lee!


When I first met Laura and Lee it was obvious to me that their wedding was going to be one to remember.  Everyone was at ease and the plans were in place.  The only thing left for them to do was to wait for the big day. The big day arrives and not only is there sleet in the forecast, the local town Christmas parade will require blocking roads throughout the area.  We managed to beat the parade to the church and the ice was gone before the ceremony started.  Everyone remained calm and everything continued as planned.   I made a few trips between the bride and groom areas prior to the ceremony to get some candid shots and everyone was relaxed and ready for a great evening.  As expected, the ceremony was beautiful.   I have to give special kudos to the soloist for the wonderful a capella songs during the ceremony.  She has a wonderful voice!   During all of the weddings that I have attended during my lifetime, I saw a first during Laura and Lee’s ceremony.  After the ceremony, as usual, the groomsmen lead the parents and grandparents down the aisle, but did not return to usher the remaining guests.  Instead, the newlyweds returned in their place to greet each and everyone who attended.  This allowed the couple to see the guests who were not able to attend the reception and also allowed them to enter the reception hall, say a big “thank you” and eat dinner without interruptions.  Congratulations to a great couple with wonderful families!

Hillary and Monroe


Hillary and Monroe contacted me about shooting photos of them for their parents Christmas present.   We had to keep things on the down low and chose to meet at Weymouth Gardens in Moore County.  The fact that this took place late fall, the gardens are still beautiful and offered a good assortment of areas for us to use.  The lack of blooming plants and warm air didn’t prevent people from visiting the gardens.  Several people were walking pets and two other photo sessions were also taking place.  Hillary and Monroe are a great sister/brother combo and I enjoyed working with them.    Since Christmas, I have had the chance to visit their father’s office and view several photos from this session around his desk.

Canon 50d with 17-40mm. Canon 50d with 70-200mm, Pocket wizard mini TT1 controlling a pair of Canon 580exII flashes on pocket wizard FlexTT5 receivers.

A sesson with Shonda


Portrait session with Shonda in Downtown Hamlet.  We arranged a photo session just before dark around the hamlet Depot.  My Canon flash controlled by a wireless pocket wizard gave me the lighting that I wanted for the shots as it got darker out.

Shooting Sherrie



After months of talking about it, I finally made arrangements to shoot a few photos of Sherrie.  Actually, we shot more than a few.  I used 3 8gig flash cards and have yet to complete processing all of them.  We took advantage of the natural scenery near Badin Lake as well as the downtown area of Troy NC.  I look forward to sharing the remaining photos soon.  Thanks Sherrie!!!

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