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Lots of planning and effort made this Christmas themed wedding and reception one of the most wonderful events I have photographed.


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Congratulations to Amanda & Garrett


Preston Woodall House in Benson N.C. was the location for this fabulous wedding day.  When we arrived decorations were being placed, the DJ was setting up, groomsmen were coming in and the bride and bridemaids were putting on the final layers of makeup.  The house was buzzing and their were photo opportunities everywhere.   This may have been the hottest day of the year, but it didn’t prevent friends and family from enjoying a nice outdoor ceremony before rushing back inside.  I am thankful that the Ac system was sufficient and the bride and groom chose to remain indoors for the formals.    The bride and groom did request to go outdoors for a few couples shots and I was happy for this decision.  They look very good together and required minimal posing.  I remember from their engagement session that their natural positioning looked great.  Preston Woodall staff were on top of things throughout the day.  I enjoyed working with this group of people.  Prior to cake cutting the bride sang a lovely song to her new husband.  Again, they looked very good together and their love for each other was evident.  Besides the couple cutting their cake together, the groom also had a special cake that he cut and happily shared it to the face of his best man/brother.   More dancing continued prior to the newlyweds saying goodbye making their way upstairs.  Congratulations!!!

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Savannah’s Sr Pics


After a few months of communication with Savannahs mother, we finally were able to schedule a session.   During the session I learned that I was photographing the busiest teenage in the world.  I now realize now why it was difficult to schedule her photo session.  We were fortunate to have decent weather during Savannah’s photo session.   Winter weather returned during the few days following.   We agreed to meet at Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC.  Upon arrival I noticed that some tree removal was in process.  With the heavy equipment on the grounds, plenty of photography locations remained for us to use.  Best of luck to Savannah during her college career.

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Aubrey’s Two Years Old!


This was Aubrey’s third session with me.  She has always been very calm and provided some great posing for me.  As kids get older and comfortable with the camera I can capture more and more moments.  Aubrey was very entertaining and her personality shows in many of the photos. This session was just prior to her 2nd birthday.   As usual, it was a pleasure to work with Aubrey and her family.  Happy Birthday!!!


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Kaitlin and Ryan’s Engagement Session


I’m looking forward to Kaitlin and Ryan’s May 2013 wedding day. If there engagement session is any indication of the fun that they will have on their wedding day, I would hate not to be a witness.  I photographed Kaitlin’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and remember the family very well.  Fun was had by all, including the photographer.  I enjoy seeing people have a good time and I have no doubt that Kaitlin and Ryan’s wedding day will be very similar.

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Congratulations to Boz and Jaime


It had been a few years since I visited Wallace Lodge in Laurinburg, N.C.  I was happy to find out that Jaime and Boz chose Wallace Lodge as their wedding and reception venue.  The website describes the location: “… nestled in the middle of 150+ acres surrounded by wildlife and nature.”  This is very correct.   The drive into the woods to the lodge is scenic and basically untouched.   Jaime and Boz’s decorations at the lodge kept with the outdoors theme and represented nature in many ways. It didn’t take long for the guest to fill the building just before the couple met to read their vows.  Witnessing a couple read their personalized wedding vows is always a touching moment.   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves during dinner and dancing.  Even though that this was a December wedding, the weather was not too cold to prevent us from capturing several photo outdoors.  I wish Jaime and Boz a wonderful future together.

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Congratulations to Cheanna and Brandon


I remember the spring evening when I received the first call from Cheanna concerning her wedding photography needs.  I could tell in her tone that she was excited about getting married in November.   The fact the her wedding venue recommended me, my website appeared first in her online search and I was planning to be visiting near her Wedding location during the wedding date was all of the confirmation that Cheanna needed to select me as her photographer.  I enjoyed the meeting with Cheanna during the following eight months and my excitement grew as the big day grew near.  As expected the wedding ceremony was great.  I have to compliment the musician and vocalist who performed during the ceremony.   They were both very good.  After a great session of formals we traveled to Pinehurst to the Fair Barn to proceed with the reception.  The decorations and food were very good as was expected.  I was impressed with the many toasts and wonderful words that family and friends had to say about the newlyweds.  The planning was very successful and I wish Cheanna and Brandon a very happy future together.

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Congratulations to Amanda and Robert


After meeting with Amanda and Robert a few times, exchanging emails and several phone calls, I was looking forward to being part of their big day.  Amanda and Robert chose a wonderful location or their wedding ceremony.   The Hayloft in McLeansville, N.C. is a working farm that also hosts weddings and receptions.  Although Hurricane Sandy had passed by the area a day prior, the conditions were near perfect for photography.  Besides a few gusts of wind and a bit cooler than wanted temps, the day appeared to proceed as planned.  Everyone was on time, the guests were very pleasant and there was a wedding coordinator handling the schedule. I enjoyed watching the family and friends hangout and enjoy the celebration.  My favorite part of the day may have been the toasts.   I enjoy the stories that people tell about the bride and groom during the receptions.  i wish the best for Amanda and Robert.

Autumn’s Last Storm – Hinson Lake


Another photography goal has been met. Our State Magazine selected one of my photos for their Tar Heel Image page of the November 2012 issue.

Hinson Lake is a beautiful place and I shoot portrait and landscape photos frequently at this location.  I was lucky to catch this scene on a cloudy day.  It’s one of my favorite landscape photos and have a print of this pic hanging in my office. This photo was submitted for the annual photo contest but didn’t win. However, I was excited when Our State contacted me in September wanting to use the photo in the November issue.

Our State is my favorite magazine and I’ve wanted to see one of my photos printed in this publication for a long time.  My next goal will be to earn an assignment from Our State.


This scene and various others are available for print purchasing from my Website.


Autumn’s Last Storm – Hinson Lake, Rockingham, N.C.

The Rotary Lodge and Hinson Lake is open to the public. Rental fees and regulations are posted below on downloadable PDF files.  Also, all reservations for the Rotary Lodge can be made through the Parks and Recreations Departmentlocated at Browder Park in Rockingham (910) 895-6810.

Hinson Lake is a lovely city park located within the city limits of Rockingham NC. The city has prepared almost 3 miles of walking trails looping around the lake just underneath a shady canopy of trees with numerous wooden bridges including one that is 300ft long with a nice gazebo in the middle  Picnic tables and benches are located around the lake.

Hinson Lake hours of operation (Effective June 11th, 2010)
M-F 4pm- 8pm
Saturday 12pm-8pm
Sunday 1pm-8pm


(Hours of Operation contingent upon the weather and demand.)

Call Parks and Recreation for facility and equipment rental pricing at 895-6810.

Rules and Regulations for Rotary Lodge and Hinson Lake

Click here to download a map of Hinson Lak

152 Hinson Lake Road
Rockingham, NC 28379


11/2/2012- I received the following letter in the mail and it made my day!

Rock n roll Bride


NASCAR Returns to The Rock!


I was excited about helping the local newspaper photograph one of the biggest events to take place at the legendary Rockingham Speedway.  The last NASCAR event at “The Rock” was a Cup Series race on Feb. 22, 2004.   Current track owner, Andy Hillenburg, purchased the track at auction four years ago and has done an amazing job of restoring the track and promoting the return of NASCAR. This was the first Camping World Truck Series race to be hosted at Rockingham Speedway and I doubt that it will be the last.  The April 15th event drew the second largest crowd of the season and fans were provided a great race.  Congratulations to Kasey Kahne for winning the race, but the real winner is Hillenburg.

The Brinks family at OBX


During a visit to the Outerbanks of North Carolina is was out during sunset capturing the clouds of a storm moving to the north.  The wind was swift, but helped keep the storm away and let the sun peep in and out of the clouds.  As I had my tripod positioned on a dock a gentleman approached me to ask question about photography.  After a brief introduction and conversation about my setup he asked if I would be willing to shoot some photos of his children.  Unfortunately it was too dark and I didn’t have my flash set up with me at the time.  However, we made plans to meet the next morning for some photos on the beach.   I was more than happy to spend some time shooting beach portraits of this family from Richmond VA.

The Fifth Generation


Ben and Jami’s Engagement Session


I enjoyed shooting a few photos of two great friends.   It’s about time that these high school lovers tie the knot.

The Bledsoe family.


I have had the privilege to photograph Stephanie and other family members in the past. I was happy to learn that her family was visiting from GA and wanted to schedule a family portrait session with me. The weather in this area has not been consistent and we were lucky to have a day with mild temperatures.    As we moved around the Leak Wall Gardens the young lady of the family quickly learned how to strike a pose at the right time.  It didn’t take us long to realize that she needed a portion of the session all to herself.  I enjoyed working with the Bledsoe family and glad to know that they made it back home following a snow storm that rushed across the area.

Hanging out during the Belk “Engagement Party”


I usually enjoy meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.  Tonight provided the opportunity to do both.  The Belk “Engagement Party” allows me to display some of my favorite wedding prints and speak with brides and grooms to-be about their wedding plans and photography needs.

Couples engaged to be married were invited to Belk store in Rockingham on Thursday, February 16, for a signature Engagement Party event that offers engaged couples a fun-filled evening with food, beverages, entertainment, and fabulous prizes. The event kicked off at 6 p.m. in the home department.

If you did not receive an invite and need to discuss photography for an upcoming wedding, I would be happy to meet and have a conversation with you.  Meanwhile, my current wedding packages with pricing and links to prior wedding galleries can be viewed HERE.


Participating couples will receive a Wedding Registry Planner and those who open a new gift registry or add to an existing one will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes:

1. Two travel vouchers for airline tickets or a cruise ($1,200 value)

2. $1,000 in cash

3. One of five $1,000 Belk Gift Cards

Brandie and Houston


Brandie and Houston drove from Greensboro one evening for their photos session.  We met in Downtown Hamlet to shoot some couples photos for them.  While we shooting some random shots on a set of railroad tracks a freight train slowly approached us and stopped.  this could not have happened at a better time as if we had ordered it for the photo session.   I enjoyed working with the couple and look forward to working with them in the future.


Mike and Blairs engagement session at Atalaya and Brookgreen Gardens, S.C.


We met Mike and Blair at Atalaya and Brookgreen Gardens south of Murrils Inlet S.C.  There were several other sessions and cameras floating around the park as we moved throughout the area to capture some great shots for Mike and Blair. After a couple of hours of walking and shooting we still had enough daylight to walk to the beach for a few shots.


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