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HEY CLASS OF 2016!!!


Your senior year in high school is a very exciting time in your life.  This is the perfect time to document the young adult you have become over the years through a professional senior portrait.


Sessions can be schedule at several locations with wardrobe changes as requested.

Do you need amazing senior pictures in the Richmond County and surrounding areas?

My senior pictures session generally takes about an hour.  I photograph most of the sessions outdoors but often use my studio in downtown Rockingham. N. C.   I can recommend several locations that add uniqueness and originality to your photographs.   I offer up to three wardrobe changes, 50 to 75  incredible images to select from, online viewing with shopping cart ordering and the freedom to design your own package.

Mini Session – This option is $25.00 for a 30 min session at any predetermined location in Richmond County.  The photo file CD for mini sessions is available for $50.00.

Hour Sessions – $40.00 sitting fee up to one hour. This option does not include prints. An online gallery will be setup for unlimited print ordering.  *(travel fee may apply to surrounding counties)  A Photo file CD consist of all edited  files cropped and prepared for unlimited printing up to 11×14 in size is available for $100.00.

Call 910-995-3569 or email for more information or to schedule a session.

Myrtle Beach Portrait Sessions July 11th & 12th, 2015




I will be traveling with Cameras during the weekend of July 11th and have decided to offer a few mini beach photo sessions.  These sessions are for family, children, senior, and pets.

In order to avoid the crowds, find parking and pickup the best lighting these sessions will begin at early am hours.

Saturday July 11th Sunday July 12th
8:00 8:00
8:30 8:30
9:00 9:00
9:30 9:30


***  One Sunrise session for Sunday morning will be available at 6:30.


These 20-25minute sessions cost $50.00.    This includes sitting fee and hi-resolution file download for all edited images.  Call (910) 995-3569 or email to reserve your session.  The digital download files are edited and prepared for printing up to 11×14  – is a great online printing service.

Location:   Public Access located at 66th Ave North beside 6506 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572.




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Mandy + Josh


Lots of planning and effort made this Christmas themed wedding and reception one of the most wonderful events I have photographed.


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Amandas Bridal Session

Amandas Bridal session was arranged at Leak Wall House in Rockingham, NC.  Planning began early for Amanda and things fell into place as was meant to be.    One interesting comment to me was that she knew what type of dress she wanted and located it at first attempt.  I was also impressed that Amanda did her own makeup.  It was perfect and I enjoyed shooting tons of bridal photos for her.   Below are just a few.

bridal01 bridal02 bridal03 bridal04 bridalportrait01 bridalportrait02 bridalportrait03 bridalportrait04 bridalportrait05 bridalportrait06 bridalportrait07 bridalportrait08

Halies Bridal Session.




Image1 Image2 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7

Scheduling Summer Portrait Sessions.

senior portrait

Portraits (Family, Newborn, Senior, and pets)

Mini Session – This option is $25.00 for a 30 min session at any predetermined location in Richmond County.  The photo file CD for mini sessions is available for $50.00. Photo file CD consist of all edited  files cropped and prepared for unlimited printing up to 11×14 in size.

Option A -$60.00. This option includes a one hour session at a predetermined location. I will direct and shoot several different poses. *(travel fee may apply to . surrounding counties)

Fee includes print package containing prints of client selected pose.  Package consists of – One 8×10, two 5×7’s, and a set of 8 wallets. Photos are printed in a professional photography lab using Professional Digital Paper.

The remaining poses will also be available for ordering from an online gallery.

MOST POPULAR!Option B – $40.00 sitting fee up to one hour. This option does not include prints. An online gallery will be setup for unlimited print ordering. *(travel fee may apply to surrounding counties)

A photo file CD with copyright release is available for one hour sessions.  Photo file CD consist of all edited  files cropped and prepared for unlimited printing up to 11×14 in size.  The photo file CD for hour sessions $100.00.


Studio Sessions are available.

*Add $20.00 for travel for locations outside of Richmond County – Anson, Montgomery, Moore, Scotland, Marlboro, and Chesterfield Counties.

The above sessions are available for outdoor and studio sessions.   Jimmy McDonald Photography Studios is located inside Art’s Richmond Center in downtown Rockingham, N.C.  Various backdrop colors are available for studio photo sessions.  Visit Jimmy McDonald Photo Studio for additional details.

Call or email to schedule an appointment.



Mackenzies Senior Portraits


I met Mackenzie’s family on a typical spring evening.   All was clear and suddenly clouds and wind came in and threatened our photo session.   Fortunately the rain held off for the majority of the session and the overcast skies cooled the temps for us.  I enjoy shooting a variety of colors and locations for senior portrait sessions.  It was nice to capture Mackenzie’s love of softball and cheering.  The second day of our session took us to Leak Wall gardens where I always enjoy working.

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Mandi & Josh’s Engagement Session


All smiles!  This couple produced all smiles during their engagement session.  I look forward to working with the couple with wedding planning.


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Kori’s Senior Photo Session


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Savannah’s Sr Pics


After a few months of communication with Savannahs mother, we finally were able to schedule a session.   During the session I learned that I was photographing the busiest teenage in the world.  I now realize now why it was difficult to schedule her photo session.  We were fortunate to have decent weather during Savannah’s photo session.   Winter weather returned during the few days following.   We agreed to meet at Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC.  Upon arrival I noticed that some tree removal was in process.  With the heavy equipment on the grounds, plenty of photography locations remained for us to use.  Best of luck to Savannah during her college career.

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Tyler’s Cap and Gown Session


Tyler came to the studio Yesterday to have his cap and gown pics made.   This was a short session, approximately 15-20 minutes.  The guys prefer it this way and I don’t waste time getting several poses.

The cap and gown session fee is $15.00.   I’ll photograph up to 5 different cap & gown poses. The proofs will be posted online for print and CD photo file purchasing. The CD ($35.00) will contain a high resolution file of all of the poses with copyright release for printing. You will need your own cap & gown set with applicable club sashes and stoles.  Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

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Aubrey’s Two Years Old!


This was Aubrey’s third session with me.  She has always been very calm and provided some great posing for me.  As kids get older and comfortable with the camera I can capture more and more moments.  Aubrey was very entertaining and her personality shows in many of the photos. This session was just prior to her 2nd birthday.   As usual, it was a pleasure to work with Aubrey and her family.  Happy Birthday!!!


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Kaitlin and Ryan’s Engagement Session


I’m looking forward to Kaitlin and Ryan’s May 2013 wedding day. If there engagement session is any indication of the fun that they will have on their wedding day, I would hate not to be a witness.  I photographed Kaitlin’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and remember the family very well.  Fun was had by all, including the photographer.  I enjoy seeing people have a good time and I have no doubt that Kaitlin and Ryan’s wedding day will be very similar.

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Ellie Cate


This wasn’t Ellie Cate’s first time in front of my camera.  However, as most little ones can be, she was a bit shy for a while.   It did not take Ellie Cate long to begin providing some great playful poses.  I look forward to the next time.

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Congratulations to Boz and Jaime


It had been a few years since I visited Wallace Lodge in Laurinburg, N.C.  I was happy to find out that Jaime and Boz chose Wallace Lodge as their wedding and reception venue.  The website describes the location: “… nestled in the middle of 150+ acres surrounded by wildlife and nature.”  This is very correct.   The drive into the woods to the lodge is scenic and basically untouched.   Jaime and Boz’s decorations at the lodge kept with the outdoors theme and represented nature in many ways. It didn’t take long for the guest to fill the building just before the couple met to read their vows.  Witnessing a couple read their personalized wedding vows is always a touching moment.   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves during dinner and dancing.  Even though that this was a December wedding, the weather was not too cold to prevent us from capturing several photo outdoors.  I wish Jaime and Boz a wonderful future together.

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Tabitha’s Senior Portrait Session

Tabitha’s mother made arrangement for us to meet The Bostick Schoolhouse to shoot a few pics. I was surprised at the number of items available inside the old schoolhouse.  The renovations inside and out are amazing.  The restored building provided many great opportunities for us to photograph Tabitha. We also took advantage of the area to shoot some pics at an old family church as well as a barn and pond located on family property.  We wrapped up the afternoon of photos at my studio for a few additional shots including cap and gown photos.


Congratulations to Amanda and Robert


After meeting with Amanda and Robert a few times, exchanging emails and several phone calls, I was looking forward to being part of their big day.  Amanda and Robert chose a wonderful location or their wedding ceremony.   The Hayloft in McLeansville, N.C. is a working farm that also hosts weddings and receptions.  Although Hurricane Sandy had passed by the area a day prior, the conditions were near perfect for photography.  Besides a few gusts of wind and a bit cooler than wanted temps, the day appeared to proceed as planned.  Everyone was on time, the guests were very pleasant and there was a wedding coordinator handling the schedule. I enjoyed watching the family and friends hangout and enjoy the celebration.  My favorite part of the day may have been the toasts.   I enjoy the stories that people tell about the bride and groom during the receptions.  i wish the best for Amanda and Robert.

Clark Family


We had a beautiful to shoot portraits for this wonderful family.   The girls seemed to enjoy themselves during the session.


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