Parks & Rec Photos

Parks & Rec 2018 Team Photos

 2018 Rockingham Parks & Rec Basketball Photo Schedule

Date Day Time Team League
1/26/2018 Friday 5:00 J.T. Yates Electric Little Ballers
1/26/2018 Friday 5:00 Scottys Bait & Tackle Little Ballers
1/26/2018 Friday 5:45 Rockingham Fire Dept Little Ballers
1/26/2018 Friday 5:45 Piedmont Lift Truck Service Little Ballers
1/26/2018 Friday 6:30 Twisted Treats MiniMIte
1/26/2018 Friday 6:30 Jeff’s Trophies & T’s MiniMIte
1/26/2018 Friday 7:15 Rockingham Police Dept MiniMIte
1/26/2018 Friday 7:15 Gifts 4 All Seasons MiniMIte
1/27/2018 Saturday 8:00 Rockingham Police Dept Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 8:00 Rockingham Fire Dept Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 9:00 Narionwide Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 9:00 Craven Collision Center Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 10:00 SellHomesWithRusty Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 10:00 Legrand Lawn & Landscaping Mite
1/27/2018 Saturday 11:00 Richmond County Sheriff Midget
1/27/2018 Saturday 11:00 Jeff’s Trophies & T’s Midget
1/27/2018 Saturday 12:00 Prelipp & Scott Midget
1/27/2018 Saturday 12:00 A&M Contractors Midget
1/27/2018 Saturday 1:00 The Embroidery Center Midget
1/27/2018 Saturday 1:00 Dieffenbach GM Superstore Midget

Please arrive on time.  Purchasing photos is optional.   Out of courtesy to people wanting to purchase team photos, we ask you have your child present to photograph a complete team photo.

All photos will be printed to match the team shirt color and current year.Q&A:

Q: When will the prints arrive?

A: All prints will be processed and available for pickup  from Parks & Rec Department 2 weeks following your session.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is due at the time of the photo session. Prices begin at $10.00.

Q:  Can I use my debit card?

A: Any debit card with the VISA logo should be accepted.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Cards can be used for payment.  Check and Cash is also welcome.

Q: If games are canceled during a scheduled photo day will photo session also be canceled.

A: Yes.  Games are typically canceled only when rain arrives.  Cameras and rain do not work well together. The photo session will be rescheduled.



Every athlete dreams of being featured on the cover of a magazine. Now is their chance! Magazine Covers are 8×10 photographic prints that resemble the front of popular sports publications. $10.00
The most popular option is the 8×10″ Memory Mate – Memory Mates make it easy to reminisce about season’s past. Each features an individual shot of the athlete, along with a group photo of the team. $10.00
Set of 12 Trader Cards – 2/5 x 3.5″ – Athletes can feel like pros with their own personalized Trader Cards. $10.00
Game Day Tickets – Set of Five – Commemorative Game Day Ticket. $10.00


The print items above are $10 each.   Game tickets include a set of five and trader cards include a set of 12.

Calendar – 8×10″ – Winning seasons are remembered year after year with our Sports & Events Calendars. $10.00



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